At Care A2+ 
It’s Our Mission to Care More

Care for the health and well being of your little one while caring for the impact on Mother Nature.

What’s in our formula?

Nature has provided the blueprint for building vital little ones.

The team at Care A2+ started with the mission to care more.

Using nature's blueprint, Care A2+ formulas exceed industry standards by uniquely including proteins essential for building a properly functioning immune system and exclude the fats, proteins and allergens nature never intended for our most precious family members. We as parents and caregivers know the challenge, trials and joy in bringing up the newest Americans and Care A2+'s formulas provide good health, nourishment, and happiness for key steps in a child’s development journey.

  • Made with fresh Australian A2 Milk with Clean Ingredients

    We only use fresh milk, single sourced from Australian A2 cows milk from grass pasture fed cows.

  • Designed to Nourish

    Over 30% of parents will turn to formula. Care A2+ formula is made to meet the needs of growing bodie, to provide nutritional benefits, not just pass minimum standards

  • Naturally kind on tummies

    No use of corn syrup, palm oil, soy, GMOs or any harmful ingredients. We only use the fats and proteins for our babies as nature intended that is naturally found in mother's breast milk.