Shipping & Return

The sale of goods and services on this website are offered by The Milky Mom (‘Store’). In relation to any order placed via this website with the Store:

Shipping within the US

Shipping anywhere in United States is free of charge. Orders are dispatched within three (3) business days of the order being place, subject to the availability of stock. In the event that an order is accepted and stock is not available for dispatch within the three (3) business days, the Store will contact you regarding your order. In most instances, orders for delivery in United States.

Shipping to international destinations

The Store can ship most products to international addresses. Shipping charges vary on destination and size of order. Please note that some destination countries require additional processing and handling that may result in a charge of additional charges and fees.


Please verify your goods on arrival for condition, quality and items received. If the goods are not sealed or otherwise are in poor condition and/or the delivery includes incorrect items, please take a photo of the goods, reply to the email that provided the receipt for the purchase of the goods on the Store attaching the photo and requesting either a refund or replacement.

If you are changing formula or starting weaning to formula and your infant or toddler remains fussy after two weeks, reply to the email that provided the receipt for the purchase explaining your experience with our products and we will process a refund.